Action Launcher Brings “Different” To Launchers With A Focus On Speed

One thing that was getting boring about Android launchers was that they all started to do the same thing, in almost the same way, giving out nearly same results at the end of the day. The ones which dared to be different either lacked polish, or had way too much fancy to be used as the main launcher. I’ve tried some “3D” ones, and I can safely say they’re too much of a fancy to my eyes. And so, Nova is my main and only launcher, mixing in the right amount of customization with a lot of features and speed. Just perfect. But that’s getting a bit boring now.

Action Launcher

Enter Action Launcher. Developed by Chris Lacy, the creator of Tweet Lanes, he has been working on the launcher for quite some time now. He finally released it yesterday, and posted this video showing off just what the launcher is all about. The best thing about the launcher is not customization. It’s the ability to jump to any app from the homescreen without having to open the drawer, and it’s very handy.

Action Launcher

The other feature is Covers, which is Folders in a slightly different way. Instead of more text, I’ll leave you to watch the video below. I like the concept, for one.

At the time of writing, only the Pro, aka paid version is available on the Play store. Chris says there will be a free version soon.

Action Launcher on Google Play