Action Launcher Pro Brings Shutters – Widgets Re-imagined

I’m that kind of a person who used Nova Launcher by accident, and stuck to it ever since. However, this not-so-new launcher, Action Launcher Pro, caught my eye recently. It brings something new to the table, and although it’s not chock full of features ala Nova, it’s different, and definitely is good.


I used it back when it was at v1.2, for a couple of hours. Although it was different, it didn’t have anything particularly great so as to compel me to switch from Nova. It’s got an update today, though, and I could finally be switching, or jumping between the two launchers.

Shutters. Chris Lacy (the dev) has re-imagined widgets, and I like what he’s done with it. There could be a couple of cosmetic improvements, but overall, it’s a rad idea.

Action Launcher Pro

Swipe up on the app’s icon, and bam, you get a widget right there, which can be closed after you’re done viewing the information. Swipe to the right, and you get all your apps in a list. On the top, you get a search bar, coupled with a nifty link to the Play Store and an action bar jump into Action Launcher’s, or phone’s settings.


The bottomline – launching apps is a breeze now, and no more having to feel annoyed by the amount of space some widgets take. I like this.

There are a couple more features I haven’t discussed here. As far as setting up the launcher goes, you can import settings from Nova, Apex etc.

Action Launcher Pro costs about $4, or Rs. 225, which might seem a bit on the higher side. If you don’t mind coughing up that much money on a launcher, have a look at this.

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