After Initial Leak-It-And-Then-Deny-It Cycle, Samsung Releases Value Pack Update For The Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S, rejoice! The Korean conglomerate has released the Value Pack update, finally.

The company had initially declined that any such update was being planned, or that it existed, after some folks leaked it. Then later, it went on to say that it will be pushed out some time later, and the update is here, finally.

So, let’s quickly list out the improvements. shall we? Here you go –

  • Face Unlock with Blink Detection
  • Ability to capture stills while recording a video
  • Ability to add folders to the default TW launcher
  • Some mention of internal memory space – I’m guessing it’s about the added ability to install apps on SD Card directly, but I’m not sure. Lost in translation

If you are still on Froyo, you will have to upgrade to Gingerbread first, and then to the Value Pack update

If you are on Gingerbread (most of you should be), you can upgrade to the Value Pack update.

Samsung probably also has said that it won’t be responsible if something goes wrong during the upgrade process.

Update: Samsung blogged about the update process, and revealed that it has added a nifty little feature, Blink detection. You now can unlock your Galaxy S (after the Value Pack update) by blinking at your phone. It may sound a little funny, but it’s actually a means to fill a security loophole. Others can no more unlock your phone by showing your photo to the phone. Nice heh.

via Samsung (Translated)

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