Android Jelly Bean 5.0 Will Be Succeeded By Key Lime (Not Lame) Pie 6.0

Android Key Lime Pie

Even before your ICS-capable device could taste Ice Cream Sandwich, Google and Asus, among others, revealed about Jelly Bean, which will be the v5.0 of Android. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys over at The Verge were tipped about v6.0, aka Key Lime Pie. I’m sorry, you all.

According to the report, the very same tipper had reported them about Jelly Bean, so it could possibly be true that Google’s working on KLP. I’m not sure if that’s worthy enough, though. It doesn’t have that ring to it, which ICS (although pretty lengthy) and Gingerbread had. Even Jelly Bean sounds good. With that said, don’t expect the update at least until 2013-end, seeing we’ll witness an announcement about JB sometime in June, with the launch taking place sometime in October-November.

How do you like the said name, Key Lime Pie? I think it’s lame.