Android Jelly Bean Rumors Surface, May Get Announced At Google I/O In June

Android Jelly Bean

I’m extremely sorry if you’re still running Froyo or Gingerbread, and are waiting for the ICS update to land for your ICS-capable device, but Jelly Bean (rumored to be the next version of Android) rumors have already surfaced. Yes. Rumors of a rumored update. I’m not sure if the leakers/page-views hungry people have nothing else to do. But well.

It could be possible, too, though, given Google’s ways at the annual I/O conference, which is scheduled to held from June 27-29, this year. That makes it something like 8 months from the release of ICS to the announcement of another version.  And it could as well be released some time between October and December, but I’m just guessing.

Note that only one device was released with ICS – the Galaxy Nexus. A couple more devices were shown off with alpha versions of ICS, with the devices themselves being in pre-production stages, at this year’s CES. Guess we could all slow down a bit, eh? Sure we should.