Android Market Blocked In China, Yet Again

android market china blockedProbably annoying. For both Google and Android Market users. Chinese government is at it again.

While the cause for the blockage is not known yet, but as TNW reports, most of the users are not able to access the site, while others are experiencing time-outs and lags. The blockage is spread across five major provinces in China, but well, Android users in China are generally dependent on the local App stores, as the Android Market is not accessible to them anyways.

Google and the Chinese government have had a strained relationship in the past as well. Chinese government shoving down its order that Google censor search results did not amuse Google, which ‘believes’ in a free web. And the Chinese government is almost a dictatorship, as you’d know. Open Source and Control don’t go hand in hand, you see. Hopefully, things should change in the future.