Angry Birds Rio For Android To Hit Amazon App Store On..

News is just trickling in that the hinghly successful Angry Birds’ latest version, Angry Birds Rio for Android, will hit the Amazon App Store on…March 22. There will be an ad-free paid version for starters, and the free version will come sometime later in the Android Market. However, one thing that boggles me is that this version (paid one) will be available on the Amazon App Store, exclusively (as of now). Naive users are going to have to look here in case they want to get this thing installed. Not difficult, but not a one click install either. How’s that for a start, eh?

By the way, here’s the official game trailer –

If you don’t yet know, Angry Birds Rio is based on the upcoming animated movie, a collaboration of Twentieth Century Fox and Rovio. One more thing I’d like to mention is that it’s going to be an effort of the creators of Ice Age, so I’m more than just looking forward to it! Are you?