AnyDash Shows Notifications From Any App In The DashClock Widget


DashClock widget is all sorts of awesome. I was pretty annoyed when Google introduced Lockscreen Widget support in Jelly Bean 4.2, mainly because I disliked the clock widget at the time. However, DashClock takes advantage of that and gives a lot of room to customize it to your liking. The best part about the app is the support for Extensions. Third party apps can create their extensions and let users show notifications from their apps on the lockscreen. It’s fairly amazing. At the same time, it’s beautiful.


But, not all apps have a DashClock extension, so what are you to do in that situation? Well, there is an app for that, called AnyDash. It has support for Advanced Notifications, as in, it is capable of showing more information right in the widget. I think it’s pretty good for when you’d like apps like WhatsApp, etc to show notifications there. Both of them don’t have a DashClock extension at the moment, so AnyDash comes in handy.

The free version supports one widget, but there is a paid version for about $1.49 which supports 5 widgets.

Setup is easy, you’ll be guided by the app. However, if you’re stuck, exit out of it, go into Settings – Accessibility and enable AnyDash.

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