ASUS: Transformer Prime Will Launch With Honeycomb And Not Ice Cream Sandwich

ASUS Transformer Prime

Probably, just probably, the person from ASUS who decided that the Transformer Prime won’t be released with Ice Cream Sandwich, was smokin’ something weird. Well, as it turns out, this not-yet-announced tablet won’t come with the latest version of Android out of the box.


Honeycomb has been a PIA, as others will corroborate with me. Releasing what looks to be ‘finally, an Android tablet that doesn’t suck’ with Honeycomb – stupidity. Well, that’s what will be perceived all around the web. Ice Cream Sandwich probably will the least sucking Android version to date, and you would do good to guess Google had seeded them with ICS months back. At least that’s how it’s supposed to happen. Assuming so, it seems ASUS is hurrying the launch.

Ah well. Lets hope they release ICS soon enough after the launch.

via ASUS Germany