AT&T And Roger’s Streak Users Rejoice As Froyo Hits ’em!


It’s time to rejoice for AT&T; and Rogers’ Streak customers – Dell is rolling out Froyo (gaah!) finally. After you read this, quickly reboot your phone and follow the on-screen instructions. As simple as that. Yes, you will need to have a working data connection 😉

You’ll find –
Flash support: Sure, down the road, HTML 5 will play a heavier role in mobile browsing, but the fact is that many sites on the web still use Flash.

Twitter: Simply put, the recently-updated version 2.0 of the native Twitter client rocks.

Skype: Video calling may not be an option yet, but if you use the app on your desktop or notebook it’s a no-brainer to use it on Android. Plus, it’s a useful option for cost-effective global calls.

All kinds of browser options: Dolphin HD is great if you like to browse with several tabs open. Skyfire 3.2 is a great option if you like to share a lot of content. Mozilla’s Firefox for Android which is in beta now also look to be a promising option.

And oh, Dell’s own updated Stage UI, ofcourse!

Via Dell

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