CyanogenMod Installs Double, Reach 2 Million Figure

You know, I love CyanogenMod. They have given a new life to tons of Android smartphones, many of which were abandoned by their manufacturers. It’s a lot of awesomeness, and you will believe me when you’ve installed their ROMs.


All that love aside, the CyanogenMod Stat Tracker has just hit the 2 Million mark – doubling from the 1 Million mark which was achieved earlier in the year (January). In a span of just 4 months. Brilliant. And no, the tracker doesn’t count re-installs etc. Once a CyanogenMod ROM is installed on a device, it is registered (the device’s IMEI/MEID is sent to their servers, although in an encrypted form) as 1 install, and no matter how many times you re-install, it’s not counted. So, yeah, it’s a great achievement.

CM Stats Tracker via @desiibond