Dell’s Tablet Roadmap Leaked, Shows 4 Tablets for 2011 And Early 2012


Yeah. More leaks. But this one’s as exciting as it gets. Dell, which already has two Android Tablets, is planning to launch 4 tablets, starting off in April this year. According to the leak, the tablet to be launched in April is the Gallo, coming with Honeycomb. That will be followed by the Dell Sterling, again running Honeycomb, in Q4, 2011. Two more tablets running Honeycomb, namely Opus One (Optimus One, anyone?) and Silver Oak later in Q1, 2012. Well, the latter two have good names, but Honeycomb? I’m bit skeptical about the Sterling as well, because there will be a new version of Android every 6 Months, so the next version, to be called Ice Cream maybe out sometime in July or August. That’s a bit of a bummer, but it could change, as happens with many leaks. Lets Dell!


Posted by Wordmobi