Dolphin Browser Mini Walkthrough

Dolphin Browser’s team has announced the launch of Dolphin Browser Mini – truly following minimal approach and is faster than ever. Remember Opera’s approach? Looks like Dolphin’s doing the same. There’s the HD version (for Android 2.0+), the plain-jane version for outdated versions (read: 1.5 and 1.6) and here you have the Mini version (for Android 1.6+) (comparable with Opera Mini).


However, the blogger over at Dolphin Browser seems confused with himself. He talks about Preview2, but later, he mentions Mini and there’s no linkage between the two, confusing us too!

Now, it would have been far more easy to understand that they are replacing Dolphin Browser with Dolphin Browser Mini, and giving it a fresh look and feel altogether.

Oh yes, I can continue muddling, but what’s new in the Mini?

Features :

–> New fresh UI – Dolphin Mini provides a brand-new look and feel to you.

–> Speed through the web – The Web has never been so fast. Use Dolphin Mini which loads web pages much more quickly than other s. (Opera, Ahem!)

–> Infinite tabs browsing – You can open infinite tabs when browsing since there is no limitation.

–> Innovative Menu design (tool box).





PS: Oh yes, you’ll need to uninstall the Preview version if you already had, before you can install Dolphin Mini.

Download Directly from here

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