[Download] Flipboard For Android APK Leaked, Throwing Samsung Galaxy S3 Exclusivity To The Wind

Always gotta love a leak, eh. Someone over at XDA is now the reason of joy to thousands of Android users, who have been patiently waiting for Flipboard to come to their beloved platform. And apparently, this app was supposed to be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3, or so was said at launch.

Flipboard for Android

The OP on XDA extracted the Flipboard APK and put it up for download over at the site. I installed the app, and it’s not malware, or illegitimate.

Here’s how the blog posts look like in the app –

Flipboard for Android

The setup is pretty easy. The first time you launch the app, you’ll be asked what type of information you’d like. You can tap on the ones you want, which actually are categories. After you’ve done that, flip over once, you’ll find a ‘Search’ like icon on the top right. Tap on it, and select Accounts on the next page, as shown below.

Flipboard for Android

Flipboard currently supports Twitter, Google Reader, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr and 500px, which, honestly, is more than enough. You can, however, add only one account per service.

As for the performance, it’s very smooth. One of the rare apps on Android which actually work smoothly.

You can view the original post here, and download from there. Just in case it gets pulled, I’ve downloaded and uploaded it to Mediafire here. Right now, XDA’s servers are battered, so yeah.

via Various people I follow on Twitter