[Download] Google Posts Android 4.2 (JOP40C) Yakju Factory Image, OTA Updates Being Pushed, Too

Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2

Just as I moved away from Stock Jelly Bean, Google decided it was time to push the Android 4.2 update for “Yakju” Galaxy Nexii, and shortly thereafter, the factory images were published as well.

The 4.2 update brings some new features, some of which are –

  • Lockscreen widgets
  • “Improved” clock app
  • Quick Settings in the notification drawer
  • Improved Camera and Gallery apps with Photosphere
  • Enhanced app install screen (when sideloading)
  • Improved Gmail app with pinch-to-zoom
  • ..and more

You could wait for the update to roll out to you, or you could grab the update file from here and flash it in recovery (as you’d flash a zip). If you would like to start afresh, you can download the full package from here and install it via ADB, or if you’d like an easier method, you can install it using the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. I’ve posted a detailed tutorial here. Ignore the part where I talk about Takju/Yakju, you’ll just need to know how to flash the image.