Download: TweetDeck for Android

For all the Android users who’ve been thinking why they should get Tweetdeck on their Android, here’s why..


Blended Columns
Smooth and Slick UI
Key features at your Fingertips
Clever composing
Quick access to your favourite friends

A quote from TweetDeck devs,

Well, for starters, we have not just taken the well-trodden path of pulling together some basic screens and calling it an app. TweetDeck has been totally built from the ground up with a new approach. It’s still TweetDeck, with a column-based layout as you’d expect, but we have pushed the boundaries of what you should expect from an app in several ways.

However, as of now, its available only for Android V2.0 or above. It is expected that they’ll lauch it for V1.6 when its out of Beta.

In order to receive the beta, you must visit here and sign in with your TweetDeck account. TweetDeck will then email you further instructions and a link to download the app.

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