Dropbox Wants You To Test Its Latest Beta Build, Will Give You 5 GB Free Storage To Do So

Dropbox 5 GB free android

Alright, here’s some good stuff. Dropbox is asking you to test an early Beta build, and will reward you for doing so, too. This reward sounds sweeter when your storage space is bumped up to a neat 5 GB. All for free.

Excited? Allow me, I’m a spoilsport. Apparently, there’s a rider – you’ll get 500 MB extra free space, up to 5 GB, if you upload 500 MB worth data. So, that’s like having to upload 500 MB, 10 times. You can delete the uploaded data later, of course, but the ridiculous condition (read the previous sentence again) is a bummer.

At least for me. Because, I already have unlimited cloud storage space with Bitcasa. (Just checked, I had unlimited invitations a few days back. Now it’s down to just 1, sorry).

Others, you can go ahead and give it a try here

via @rodakk