Dual-boot Android And webOS On HP TouchPad Now Possible

android-webos touchpad dual boot
Remember the Firesale? The one where the 16 GB version was selling for $99 and the 32 GB one for $149. Yes, that one. I’d wanted to grab one and then try and boot it with Android slapped. While I couldn’t get one, here is the Android boot, courtesy the awesome guys at XDA. Oh wait, you can actually dual boot it alongside webOS. How does that sound? Brilliant? Hell it does.

But, but, but… this is the first Alpha. It is not meant for weak hearts. The port stands at v0.01. There are loads of limitations at the moment, so if you happen to have a TouchPad, and are itching to flash this thing, do so at your own risk (and maybe ask Ambulance to be ready…)

Limitations? Find them over at XDA, along with instructions