Facebook To Unveil Its Own Flavour Of Android On April 4th, Replete With Its Own Camera And Messaging Apps

Facebook had sent out invites yesterday that it will be holding a special event on April 4th, unveiling its ‘New Home on Android’. The press went into a tizzy, and although a Facebook phone has been speculated for well over a couple of years now, it’s soon going to be a reality now.

Facebook Home Android

The New York Times is reporting that Facebook is going to announce its own flavour of Android at the event, and it will come with its own Camera and Messaging apps. That begs the question – where is Facebook going to tap into for other apps? It’s still running Android at its heart, so Android apps will be able to run on the phone, but if Facebook doesn’t get certification from Google, it cannot access Play Store. Amazon App Store, perhaps?

But they also mention Android in the invite, so it’s quite possible they’ve got certification from Google. We’ll know soon.