Gingerbread Rises, Now On 60% Devices. Ice Cream Sandwich On 1%

In more news that won’t bother the end users, Google Developers have published updated Android version distribution charts. The trends? The trends show that Gingerbread has risen, up at 58.1% from 54.9% – a gain of 3.2%.

Ice Cream Sandwich, on the other hand, gained about 0.4%, up from 0.3% to 0.7%. Which is… sort of disappointing, given that it’s been 3 full months since the latest version of Android was launched.

If that’s dizzying, here’s a neat pie-chart –

android-chartOr, if that’s not quite neat, here’s a table.


It’ll probably take MWC to pump up Ice Cream Sandwich’s share, definitely. And, I’m super excited about this!