Go Launcher Goes HD For Android Tablets, Stays Beta For Now

Go Launcher HD

Go Launcher , and in fact all Go Products are favourites for Android users looking to Spice up their smartphones. Go Launcher Ex was my Launcher of choice till I updated to ICS because of its slick performance, great themes and usability.

The Good news ? this is all coming to your Honeycomb or Ice-Cream Sandwich Tablet in the form of Go Launcher HD. The new Tablet version is still in beta so you won’t find it in the Android market just yet . That will come once the Go Dev team has had time to complete and polish the App.

So what does it offer for now ? According to the Go Blog :

  • Support dragging operation on dock bar
  • Add / Delete screens
  • Self-define folders to categorize apps
  • Check running apps and clear all
  • Brand new adding interface

Yes it isn’t quite the complete Go Launcher we’re used to yet but we’re sure that will come with time. For now Android Police is reporting that the Launcher is in fact stable and the usability improvements are visible. Have an Android tablet and want to give it a try ? Download here. I’m looking forward to seeing where ¬†this development goes , its great to see that many of the popular Android apps have been embracing the tablet market since Ice-Cream Sandwich was released and I imagine that as more tablets are updated and new tablets released as well as the rumoured Nexus Tablet that this pace will increase.

Go Blog via Android Police