Google Continues Its Unification Process – App, Music, Book And Video Stores Now Branded As Google Play

 Google Play

After having unified its Privacy policies, Google has done a major revamp to the way you, the users, access its App, Music, Book and Video stores. Earlier, although they’d all be available from within the Android Market, discovery of Music and Books wasn’t as easy enough. This revamp aims to make that difficult thing easy.

It’s a good move, but I’d have rather liked Google to just revamp the UI, and everything else it did, barring the rebranding. I honestly preferred Android Market, rather than Google Play, but I guess that would change with time.

What do I say, just probably that they’ve chosen a stupid name for a store that will have books and apps. ‘Play’ with respect to Games, Music and Movies sounds okay, but you’d play books and apps too? Whoever chose the name must have had their senses out of place. Sorry, but it’s that stupid.

Also, Google is running a ‘Play our Favorites’ promotion, for 7 days, where it’s offering 25 apps for $0.49. There are many cool apps here, but unfortunately, I can’t buy just yet. One app, each day, over the 7 days offer, will be offered for $0.25. Where’s My Water is today’s $0.25 app (app or game).

  1. Sprinkle
  2. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  3. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
  4. Dead Space
  5. Business Calendar
  6. SoundHound
  7. mSecure – Password Manager
  8. NFL Flick Quarterback
  9. NOVA 2
  10. Quell Reflect
  11. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro
  12. Flick Golf Extreme
  13. They need To Be Fed
  14. Paper Camera
  15. World of Goo
  16. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals
  17. Shadowgun
  18. Osmos HD
  19. TuneIn Radio Pro
  20. I Just Forgot – Little Critter
  22. SwiftKey X
  23. Camera ZOOM FX
  24. It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  25. Pocket League Story

Additionally, Google is also offering Books, Movies and Music for $0.49, but that’s currently limited to the US. What a bummer eh.

If you have an Android phone that runs on Froyo and beyond (v2.2+), you should get the update in the coming days. The web-side rebranding has been done, and the new store is now in place.

Check it out for yourself –

Find all the ‘Play out Favorites’ apps/games here