Google Editions before the year ends, and the Motopad?

Google Editions, which was rumoured since as early as Mid 2009 may finally see the light of the day before the year ends. Various top sources like WSJ, PC World and Google’s own blobs have hinted towards a December end launch, so the probability is pretty high.


What is Google Editions?
Google Editions is similar to other eBook services, but here the user can read the book online. Hence, anyone who has a web enabled phone and not necessarily smartphone can read books. User can preview and purchase books and read it online. Wait. Google will be launching the service with it’s partner’s devices. So, will it be the Motopad? But there’s a rider – at the moment, the service is available only in the US.

And well, here’s what you’ll have to do to use Google Editions – Sign in to your Account and accept the additional addendum of ToA.

It’s a wonderful idea that may go on to be the next big thing after Kindle. And oh, you can sell your books as well! We’re anxiously waiting for Editions (and the Motopad :P) just like you. What you can do until then is tip us if you have something exclusive, we want to grow, just like you! 🙂


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