Google Increases App Size Limit 80 Fold To 4 GB


Ever realized how irritating it gets when you download a game/app (mostly games) that is supposedly a few MBs in size, only to find out that the said app/game asks you to download GBs of data before you could start using it? I have. And it was so irritating that I uninstalled the app/game right away.

But that isn’t the developer’s mistake. Android Market had an upward limit of 50 MB per app/game, which restricted the developers from providing the entire app right from the Android Market. Not anymore, as Google has raised the limit to 4 GB.

According to a blog post on Android Developers Blog, the 50 MB limit remains, but, each app can have 2 expansion files, 2 GB each. You will also be able to see the real size of the app now, in the Market. Which is a welcome change.

What does that mean for you, end user? If you do not wish to download huge apps/games, you can avoid it right away, since you can see the real size of the app, not the size of the installer. This doesn’t mean that Android apps are getting bigger, all of a sudden. They were big, only you wouldn’t know at first. Now though, you will know beforehand.