Google Launches Currents, Wants To Compete With Flipboard

Google Currents

Another day, another Google service/app gets launched. Today, it’s Google Currents.

It’s a competitor to the popular app, Flipboard. Apparently, to assist you in reading all your favorite blogs in an easier fashion. With so many mobile/tech related sites not having a mobile optimised version, this app is going to come as a relief, for sure. (Oh, we have a mobile optimised version, already!)

Google has launched the service with 150+ partners. Then, other publishers can create their own editions and publish, so you’ll be able to read/grab/find most of your favorite blogs out there.

Like any other stupid launch, Google has decided that it will screw the non-US residents. If you’re not in the US, you cannot find the Google Currents app in the Android Market. The awesome guys at XDA, though, have uploaded the APK, which can be download here.

How do you like the app? I’m yet to try it. Drop in your views in the comments section.