Google May Share Revenues With Carriers To Help Propel Google Wallet Usage


Google Wallet is one project that didn’t take off as well as it could have. And after seeing the slow adoption rate, and with a couple of key members already out, Google seems to be ready to share its spoils with the carriers. And by spoils, I don’t mean to say that the company is looting. I mean revenue.

Bloomberg is reporting that Google is said to be rethinking its mobile-payment strategy. As of now, US’s top two carriers, AT&T and Verizon, do not support Google Wallet. They’re instead backing ISIS, a payment system that directly rivals that of Google’s. Google could incentivize the adoption of Wallet, and the carriers could give in. Of course, this is in theory, as of now. It could either be commission, or something else.

And if that fails, Google is also said to be planning on working with stores to build terminals. This way, the carriers won’t have a role to play, although I’m skeptical about this.

Sounds a tad boring.