Google Releases Field Trip App, Wants You To Discover Cool Things

So you thought you know everything about the city you live in? Sure. Google thinks you don’t know as much as it does, though. And so, it wants to help you discover cool, unique things around you. All you’ll have to do is, install the Field Trip app, and the rest will be done by the app. No clicks, no commands, nothing – it runs in the background, and if it discovers something, it’ll show up a card.

Google Field Trip

Google Now already informs you about some sites of interest, but I’ve yet to come across a lot of SoIs. I’ll quote a few points from the app’s description, which should give you an idea of what it does and how it does so.

  • Discover thousands of interesting places/experiences that fall under the following categories: Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers & Deals, Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Locations, Outdoor Art and Obscure Places of Interest around you.
  • Choose from three different modes to set frequency of Field Trip notifications. See “Field Trip” worthy places around you on a map, by tapping on cards in map view to pull up enthralling points of interest around you.
  • Go on a Field Trip while you drive. Field Trip can detect when you’re driving and automatically “talk” about interesting places and experience around you

The app also “learns” what interests you. And you can manipulate its learning as well – thumbs up or down will tune the app, making it more personal.

Sounds interesting? Yes! But right now, it’s only limited to the US. I can’t wait for it to be available in India, and even if I grab the .apk, it may not work as well as it ought to.

You can get the app from Google Play