Google Removes Another 10 Malware Apps From The Market

Google seems to be on a cleaning spree. Of late, it has started to sweep out the Android Market clean from Malware apps. All these 10 apps have one thing in common – Angry Birds. These apps were found to be malware-infected by a professor from North Carolina, Xuxian Jiang.

These apps were developed by 3 different devs, all of which were disguised as add-ons and/or cheats for the popular game, Angry Birds. These apps would run in the background and stealthily send phone information to a remote server. Being dubbed as Plankton, these apps “exploit Dalvik-class loading capability to stay stealthy and dynamically extend their own functionality”, Xuxian noted on his blog.

Although it is appreciable on part of Google to remove these apps, I do think at least the Android Market needs strict oversight and control over submission of apps. These malwares only make me feel this even more stronger.

Perils of an open market, perhaps. Walled garden, anyone?