Google Teams Up with 8ta in South Africa, Free access to Google Services

Just days after we heard about what Google Kenya has been up to, news has just come in that Google South Africa has been quite busy .

This morning Google announced that they would be teaming up with South African GSM Network 8ta, a subsidiary of the national telecom company Telkom, to launch FreeZone.

What exactly is FreeZone? Accordingly to 8ta and Google its a web-portal which will be available to users on the 8ta network that will enable them to access Google Services like Gmail,Search and Google + for free at any time on their devices. There has been rumours for awhile now that Google has been speaking to networks trying to broker deals to enable users free access to Google’s web services .

While Google’s motives are clear, more access to services means more ad-revenue for them, the current implementation may not be ideal for all. Smartphone users are more likely to access Google Services from the applications loaded on their phones, which offer better integration than the mobile-web portals.

Android, which has begun to take off in South Africa is one of the best mobile portals for Google Services, it would of course follow that if this offer were available to all Android users on the 8ta Network it would be much more popular. At the same time it may make sense that Google and 8ta are targeting first time users who probably aren’t using smartphones as yet.

For any 8ta readers who want to try the service visit and log in !

Source : 8ta