Google To Unify Its Chat Services Under The ‘Babble’ Moniker At I/O 2013

Google Talk in Gmail. Hangouts. Google+ Messenger. Google Voice. Google Talk in Google+.

Tiring, right? Annoying. There are so many Google messaging apps at this moment, and none of them are anything close to good. Google Talk works, so do others, but each one of them misses certain features. For example, you can’t send attachments from the Android app.

Google Babble

And apparently, Google is working to fix that. According to, Google will be showing off their work at the I/O conference scheduled to be held in May this year. ‘Babble’ moniker will be used, supposedly.

With Babble, you’ll be able to chat with your contacts, send them photos like you can in Google+ Messenger, hang out with them or just chat. Conversations will be synchronized across devices and Babble will pull all of the messaging apps together, under its branding. Google has probably begun the move by preventing requests from non-gmail contacts (for example, if you have a [email protected] email address, you can no longer send a request to [email protected] contact). This is only for incoming requests presently, so [email protected] contacts can send requests to [email protected] contacts. That however could change soon.

The unification bit is very welcome, but blocking custom domain requests could be the thorn in the flesh.