Have A Moto Mobile? Read This!

Motorola today shed some light on their Android lineup upgrade plans. Froyo is definitely coming to Droid, Droid X, MOTOROI as well as the European and Korean MILESTONE, while Eclair will land on CLIQ, CLIQ XT and the US BACKFLIP. The announcement it quite confusing, because half of the line-up is still ‘under evaluation’.

All Motorola handsets in Canada are yet to be decided, along with the Asian MILESTONE, BACKFLIP, DEXT and QUENCH. Froyo upgrade for the Latin America’s MILESTONE is also in this group. Unfortunately the Europe and Latin America BACKFLIPs won’t get Android 2.1. At this stage of evaluation the DEXT versions in those regions won’t get the chance to have a taste of Eclair either.

Here’s the ‘Plan Chart’ of Motorola..


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