Hooha Is The First App.net App For Mobiles, Available For Free On Google Play

Hooha App.net on Google Play

Probably most of you reading this won’t be / are not using App.net, but the first mobile app for the new Twitter-like service has been released on Google Play. It’s available as a free download, and looks neat. Like many, I’m not a member of App.net, and probably won’t be, but the app’s there, and even though it’s still early days, I do not want to be on another social network. It’s just too much already, thank you.

Here are the features of the app –

  • View your stream, mentions and global posts.
  • Compose a new post.
  • Reply to or repost other posts.
  • View user profiles, follow and unfollow.
  • Open links from posts.
  • Share links to Hooha from other Android apps

If you’re on App.net, you can try this app. Worth a shot, and it’s free, so yeah.

Hooha on Google Play