Want A HTC Phone Running Stock Android? Buy HTC First, Disable Facebook Home

So you’ve always lusted after HTC’s Android phones and wanted stock Android with it? Sure, you could root the hell out of any phone and flash an AOSP ROM, but there’s nothing like a phone running stock Android out of the box. HTC hasn’t made a stock Android-running device since the T-Mobile G2, but it looks like we have another, non-Nexus, pure stock Android running HTC phone, after all.

HTC First Facebook phone

It’s the HTC First, the first official Facebook phone, which comes with Facebook Home pre-loaded and optimized. So, how do you get to stock Android? Disabling the Facebook Home launcher will get you to it. What next? There’s the stock launcher, and then you can get replacements from the Play Store, like usual.

Whoever thought you could actually disable Facebook Home on a Facebook phone? Ha!