HTC Won’t Bundle Beats Headphones Anymore, Probably Because It Hurt Their Bottomline

HTC Sensation XE With Beats Headphones no more

It was getting a mention in the quick specs list, whenever we wrote about a new HTC device. But it won’t, anymore. HTC has decided not to bundle Beats headphones with its phones going forward.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is the largest stakeholder in Beats Electronics, and it had started bundling Beats headphones, along with some software improvements as well. From now on, new devices will come only with the standard headphones, and the software improvements from Beats. No Beats hardware.

Probably it was not helping HTC’s bottomline, and I’ve not seen people buy a device after considering the headphones bundled with it. Audiophiles will, more often than not, buy a headphone of their choice, so yeah.

via CNET

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