India’s Kapil Sibal: All Students Will Get The Aakash Tablet For Free

kapil sibal aakash tablet

If you’re a student, and Indian, here’s a piece of information for you – Kapil Sibal, India’s Minister of Communications and IT, has announced that if you satisfy the above two criteria, you will get the Aakash Tablet for free.

He also said that the price of the Android tablet will be slashed to Rs. 1,500 (roughly about $30) from the current Rs. 2,276, once the total orders go up to 1 Million from the current 1 Lakh. Color me unimpressed. But probably I’ve discarded the said tablet in my mind already.

I’m not sure about how to get the tablet for free, though. I’ll update you as soon as I get more information. Stay hooked.