Instagram For Android Is Here!

After what seems like months, some drama, some wait-listing and a lot of speculation Instagram is now available on Android in the Play Store.

The App was just officially announced as available and I can confirm it is online here . The App comes in at 12.59mb and supports Android 2.2 and above for devices that support OpenGL ES2. We’ve just downloaded the app, but here are a few screenshots made available from the developer on its Play Store Page:



As you can see, this is no half-assed port from IOS to Android. The UI seems to have been reworked to suit the Android Platform as well as ICS in that there is an  on screen Menu button on the shots.

Just a warning, many people are currently downloading the app, and it seems to be taking longer than usual to download due to the load.Having just started using it, its apparent this is a quality app, not something we’re akin to on Android but running on my ICS powered Galaxy S II it is silky smooth and easy to use. Let’s see how quick Instagram breaks through the downloads having seen that Temple Run which was another much anticipated new comer to Android is already above 1million downloads!


More on Instagram as we have a look at what all the hype was about!


Source : Play Store , The Verge