Intel’s Medfield SOC Torch Bearers Are Orange And Lava Mobiles – First Androids With Intel Inside

Lava XOLO 900

Intel has partnered with Orange, the European carrier, and India’s Lava Mobiles, to push its Medfield SOC based Android smartphone. They both look alike, so I’m guessing Intel just gave the device to Orange and Lava to brand it and sell. That’d be totally desperate, given how much reputation Lava Mobiles enjoys in India (or the lack of it). Orange, though, is a nice pick. Not sure why they went with Lava, but it is being rumored that Intel tried to woo Micromax, another Indian company, but failed to do so. All rumors, so I’m holding back my judgement.

Intel’s Medfield processor is clocked at 1.6 GHz, is single core, with dedicated 400 MHz for graphics. There’s an 8 MP camera on the back, which can do 1080p videos, and capture up to 10 stills in a second.

All while Intel is trying to gain some traction in the smartphone industry, the phone will cost about INR 25,000. Which is shit loads for a smartphone that will be sold by Lava. The company doesn’t enjoy as much goodwill, that it can sell a phone priced in that range. I feel it has fail written all over it, 100 times.