Is Android Market Client Showing Description In Unknown (Chinese, probably) Language To You?

Lulz started to happen when I was browsing the Android Market yesterday night. I was setting up a device temporarily for use, and downloading apps that could be useful. Looking around, I found some app names in some unknown language (Chinese, I suppose, but I’m not sure), when I’d selected English (UK) as my primary language. See for yourself.

Note: I had Android Market v3.1.5 at the time, and there were no updates etc I could see. Of course, I could download the apk and force the update myself, but I believe many others could also be using this version.


Now what I saw when I clicked on apps..


Google TranslateGmail


SkitchMX Video Player


These are all popular apps – in fact, two are Google’s own apps, Gmail and Google Translate. Skitch is another popular app from Evernote. MX Video Player is also popular, raking in more than 1 Million downloads and around 5,400 +1’s. So yeah, it’s not all a mistake from certain app publishers. Let me know if you find something of this sort.