Jetpack Joyride Sheds Amazon Appstore Exclusivity, Arrives On The Google Play Store

Jetpack Joyride has finally made its way to the Google Play store, shedding its Amazon Appstore exclusivity. Coming from the house of Halfbrick Studios, the makers of Fruit Ninja.

Jetpack Joyride

I’ve been playing it since morning during breaks, and wow, it’s quite awesome. I haven’t played the iOS version, but the game’s lag-free and graphics are quite good. At least it plays great on the Galaxy Nexus, and yeah, I’m hooked to it. All you’ve got to do is, go as far as possible, avoiding the lasers and collecting coins to complete missions. You’ve got unlimited jetpack, so all you’ve gotta do is, go as far as you can, and collect as many coins as possible.

Jetpack Joyride is free on Google Play, and there are no ads as of now. Download here.