[Download] Just In: Chrome For Android Announced, Available In The Android Market

Google Chrome Beta for Android

I’ve always been waiting to see Chrome (the browser I love) launch on Android. And the day has finally come, finally. Google’s just launched the speedy browser for Android, and like many things Google, this thing is still in Beta.

Google Chrome Beta for Android

First things first, the browser is only compatible things that run Ice Cream Sandwich. Or, in other words, 1% of all the Android devices in the world. Neat. (/sarcasm). If you don’t have an ICS device, you’d probably start hating Google right now. Like me.

With that aside, here’s what Google promises with Chrome for Android (my hands pain, already) –

  • Speed – Very much so. That’s what I’ve come to expect from Chrome on computers. Sheer awesomeness
  • Simplicity – Chrome’s darn awesome and simple. Reliable, may be not. But well, I’d cut Google some slack for all the simplicity of UI they provide
  • Seamless sign-in and sync – So it feels like you’re carrying a personal browser with you (awesome, if you sign-in to your Google account and sync Chrome, on computers. I don’t)

Go try the browser if you have a device running Ice Cream Sandwich. Note that Google hasn’t made the browser available in all regions.

Here’s a video Google uploaded –

I uploaded the APK for everyone to download. Get it here