Kal El Powered, Quad Core Smartphones Coming CES 2012

Project Kal El.

Remember CES 2011? Remember the first Dual Core superphones that were announced then? Oh well, NVIDIA seems all obsessed with it – it is saying that the world’s first Quad Core phones will pop up around/during the CES 2012, scheduled to take place between January 10-13 next year.

“Project Kal-El-powered tablets are coming this Fall, and phones around the CES 2012 timeframe.”

Now it comes straight from NVIDIA, so it’s not all rumors. Although Android is not yet fully able to utilize the dual cores even by now, one can’t help but wonder what’d be the use of Quad Cores this early. And by the time Kal El powered superphones (can I say, hyperphones, please?), Ice Cream Sandwich would have arrived. Hmm NVIDIA, too fast eh?