Lenovo To Launch LePad and LePad 2 This Year

Taking on a company like Apple is a difficult task in itself. Lenovo has gone a step further and announced that it’ll launch LePad and LePad 2 in order to beat Apple’s iPad franchise. Certainly, this is gutsy. But well, no hurdle is a hurdle when it’s Android, isn’t it? We wish Apple all the very best.

Yang Yuanqing, chief executive of Lenovo, had this to say in an interview:

“We are confident that the LePad that will be launched this month has its unique advantage over iPad. I hope you can see the launch of our LePad 2 this year, too,

Many Western Internet companies have difficulties in competing with Chinese rivals, which gives Lenovo a unique advantage in the home market,” said Yang. He noted that a closer relationship with Chinese Internet companies such as Baidu and Tencent will make LePad more suitable for Chinese consumers.”

We are certainly looking forward to the LePad, are you?

via China.org.cn