Life’s Good, Finally – LG Posts Profits From Its Smartphones Sales

LG Q4 2011

LG, the other Korean conglomerate, finally had some good news to report. According to its Q4 earnings report, the Korean has made a profit of about $8.9 Million, so that’s something like coming up on the surface after falling deep down in the sea. That’s a start.

Although the number of devices sold was down, the share of smart-phones increased (which are more profitable), and dumb-phones decreased (less profitable, obviously).

To put it in perspective, it sold 17.7 Million devices in toto, compared to 21.1 Million in the previous quarter. Although that’s a decrease, it benefited from more sales of LTE devices (Optimus LTE, anyone?), and lesser dumb-phones.

Should be irrelevant to most of you out there, anyway, eh. I know, it’s the same for me.

LG via Source