Patent Wars: Google Alleges Microsoft, Apple And Oracle Of Launching A ‘Hostile’ Campaign Against Android

Just as I was about to go sleep, Google’s Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, posted this on the Official Google Blog.

Titled ‘When patents attack Android’, David goes on to say that these giants have launched a hostile, organized campaign to derail Android. Apparently, because ‘Android is on fire’, breaking all the barriers and destabilizing its rivals’ brands.

While Android is being used by 39 manufacturers worldwide, and nearly 550,000 new devices are being activated everyday, David thinks that is yielding jealousy among the rivals, and hence the alleged hostile behavior.

If you remember, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and others have grouped to buy Novell and Nortell, for the amount of patents these two separate entities possess. And since Google could not buy either of them, hence the blog post. Sour grapes, anyone?

On a sidenote, I cannot understand why would protecting IP, or enhancing the portfolio of IP, by any company, be termed as ‘a hostile, organized campaign’ ? It makes perfect business sense to do so. Seems like someone at Google lost their business sense, eh.

Let the wars begin.