People Show They Love The Nexus Brand – Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus Pre-orders Are Full

Sprint Galaxy Nexus

It’s no secret that more people love and know about the Nexus brand, than they love a specific, non-Nexus branded device. They either know it’s a Nexus, or that it’s Android. That Sprint had all of its pre-order stock of the Galaxy Nexus booked just goes on to show how much the Nexus brand is loved.

Android Police reports that Sprint has sold out all of its pre-order stock. Now if you’re planning to buy a Sprint  Galaxy Nexus, you better be quick when the device is made available in retail stores. Or even online. Better quick than never, eh.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know about the online availability of the GNex, as and when it becomes available.

Rounak Jain

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