[Updated with Changelog] Plume Goes Into Beta – And Guess What, You Can Get It Too!

Plume Beta 2.8

Probably, many of you are sleeping at this point of time. And probably, most of you aren’t. Well, that’s not the point. The guys over at LevelUP Studio have been working hard and have released a new Beta version of Plume (Twitter client, if you happen to live in a cave), and hell, I’ve temporarily ditched Twitter for Android (I love this darn thing).

What’s New? A lot, apparently. And I’ll be writing an article about what I like and not in some time. First, I’ll need to get used to this app.

While I do that, why don’t you grab the app from here and try it out for yourself? Do get back to me, and let me know what you like and otherwise.

Update: Here’s the full change-log. Go through it if you’re really curious, or ignore it, if you’re like me who doesn’t really bother about such logs.

  • Support for Twitter streaming for instantaneous updates when Plume is launched
  • Outbox to queue stuff like Tweets, RTs, Favorites etc in case there’s no connection
  • Ability to add text (title etc) to uploading picture
  • TweetMarker support to save your reading position. Bookmark, in other words
  • Support for position restoration in Saved searches. Call that as Bookmarking even in Saved searches. Nice
  • Fixed: Missing tweets with the same link multiple times
  • Fixed: Switch view (in case you have more than one account)
  • Fixed: Saved search reloading

Thanks to @NikhilPai for the heads up!