Rumors – Google’s Rumored Nexus Tablet May Be Delayed

Google Nexus Tablet

Rumors are awesome. At least that’s what the rumor-mongers may be thinking so.

What’s new, you ask? According to a rumor, a certain rumored thing is allegedly delayed. OMGThat’sAwesome! Not. I’m trying to understand what these rumor-mongers do for a living.

And I have the answer!

They spread rumors! Call me Mr. Obvious!

Latest rumor suggests that the rumored Nexus tablet is delayed. A product that hasn’t been announced has been delayed. Now we’re looking at a July launch. Genius I say!

I’m not even going to talk about the alleged $XYZ price-point talk. Probably I should rather create another category, meanwhile. Rants, it will be.

All said and done, I’m expecting it at Google’s I/O conference. Yes. Even after this new rumor. I’d rather be very surprised if Google doesn’t launch the tablet during the conference. Oh, I’m assuming that the tablet, or the plans at the very least, exist.