Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes, Big PhoTab Is Gaining Fans


When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note last year, it was met with more than a little skeptism  mostly due to its large form factor and the S-Pen. The common quotes by Apple on Stylus’s came out and it was ridiculed. Even its display, the first of its kind with the HD resolution was supposedly flawed by its use of the Pentile Matrix.

So here we are, the Note being on sale for almost 6 Months, and still more countries are getting their first taste of it, most Notably the US on AT&T. What does come as a surprise though is that Samsung has announced that they have now shipped SOLD 5 Million of this supposed niche device. We have previously seen updates from Samsung on shipping numbers, but non were of great surprise. In this case the figure of 5 million is different and no doubt non of us expected. It seems the PhoTab with the  “Screen that’s too big” and “Old school Stylus” is making more and more fans all over the globe even though it carries a hefty price tag, and in many countries is the most expensive device on offer.

Having a Note of my own , I can also testify that yes, the Note has not gotten the ICS update yet but Samsung has not sat still either. The releases of Gingerbread along the way since launch have vastly improved the performance of the Note and brought some small updates like the single hand shrunk keyboard. Even the S-Pen has gotten popular, and with the popularity of the new game Draw Something on the rise the S-Pen does give you that added advantage !

So 6 Months in, and the Note is winning people over, where they doubted the size now they love it. Its obvious Samsung is also commited to the Note, At the Samsung Africa Forum 2012 which I attended the Note was the most popular phone amoung the Attendees.

What are your thoughts? Has your interest in the Note grown ?


PS: (Excuse the Pun) Our Galaxy Note Software review will take place once the ICS update is delivered.


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