Shipments Of Android Tablets Fell In The Last Quarter, According To IDC

Android tablets vs iPad

There’s no denying that Apple’s iPad still is the King when it comes to Tablets. And there’s no denying that Android Tablets need to improve. Even with hundreds of tablets running Android out there, they still cannot beat one iPad. That’s how bad it is.

Moving on from that, IDC, a market research and analysis firm, has released its ‘research’ data, explaining that the total Android tablet shipments fell 38.4%, about 4% higher than it was estimated. According to the firm, the total tablets shipped were 17.4 Million, about 1.2 Million less than they estimated. And about 11.8 Million out of that number were iPads.

Globally, iPads form about 68% of the total tablets. Which is huge, given there is only one iPad. (Three, actually – iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad).

Android tablets should pick up now, given ICS has been out now for quite some time, and the second quarter is usually good.

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