Siri gets cloned in 8 hours, Iris for Android is born

Speech-to-text and similar apps have always been there for Android and other OSes. But the iPhone 4S  brought a new dimension to the world of smartphones – personal assistant aka Siri.  Siri has been the hot topic for a week now. Apple fans were happy with this exclusive little toy.

The folks at Dexetra were inpired by Siri to create something similar for Android. And they raced against time to develop a personal assistant for android – Iris (Siri in reverse). And it definitely looks sexier than siri at the splash screen.

Narayan, the developer behind Iris says

… Quickly, I created a decent layout and design, and we added all shiny little things to iris, and what came out was a really good app (for an 8 hours effort that is). When we posted the first screenshot, we got a nice feedback from people around, and that is when we realized that this is something people are going to be excited about….

Iris is still in beta and is little slow to respond. The devs are waiting for user responses before they develop it “siri-ously” and launch it in the Market But if developed and optimized well, its future is bight.

Meanwhile you can try the beta version here